603rd Squadron History


Each of the four 398th squadrons (600, 601, 602, and 603) prepared monthly reports to the 1st Bombardment Division. As follows are some of the 603rd Reports.

603rd Monthly Reports

  1. May 1944
  2. June 1944
  3. July 1944
  4. August 1944
  5. September 1944
  6. October 1944 (partial, only entries which took place in September)
  7. November 1944
  8. December 1944
  9. January 1945
  10. February 1945
  11. March 1945
  12. April 1945

Lt. David M. Hall wrote all 603rd Reports. Besides target and load lists, what is unique is that he also included:

  1. Officer Promotions
  2. Crewmembers Transfers into the 603rd,
  3. Shot-Down Crews,
  4. Tour Completions,
  5. Some award mentions, such as Purple Hearts,
  6. Parties and other activities.

Many veteran names are mentioned in each of the monthly reports. A reliable search technique is described within each report, but must be done for each report. You may also wish to try the search technique described within 398th Web Site Searches, but that method may not be as reliable as searching each report.

Dave Jordan
398th Web Master