Excerpts from World War II Odyssey

Bill Frankhouser, Navigator, 603rd Squadron

Below is an index to excerpts from Bill Frankhouser's book, World War II Odyssey. Bill was a 398th Bomb Group, 603rd Squadron B-17 Navigator during WWII. Bill kindly provided these excellent excerpts from his book for the 398th web page in response to our request for personal histories from 398th veterans.

World War II Odyssey Excerpts
  1. World War II Odyssey - Table of Contents
  2. World War II Odyssey - The Newman Crew
  3. World War II Odyssey - Chapter XIV: The First Combat Bombing Mission - Bretteville Le Rabet, France, August 8, 1944
  4. World War II Odyssey - Chapter XV: More Missions and Learning the Routine
  5. World War II Odyssey - Chapter XVI: Hut No. 24 - New Quarters But Grievous Losses
  6. World War II Odyssey - Chapter XX: Loss of a Leader - 24. Neuss (January 23)
  7. World War II Odyssey - Epilogue - Who Killed Four Crew Members in November 1944


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  4. WWII Odyssey by Bill Frankhouser, Publisher: Noyes Publications, ISBN:1-883912-03-2, and L. of C. Number 97-71215. WWII Odyssey is available in the 398th PX.
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