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1997 Reunion Presentation by
Lt. John McCormick, 398th Bomb Group Pilot
602nd Squadron, Eighth Air Force

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  2. The John McCormick, 398th Pilot - 602nd Squadron 1997 Reunion Presentation runs 18 minutes 22 seconds. The presentation took place in Spokane, Washington on July 17, 1997 at the 398th Bomb Group Memorial Association's Annual Reunion Welcome Dinner. At the dinner, there was a presentation called: The Other Side of the War by three men: Fred Gonzales, John McCormick, and Dean Whitaker. All three were shot down and later in life visited the locations where each came down.
  3. In the presentation, John McCormick speaks of his crash on 3 February 1945 when the Powell crew crashed into his aircraft. All on board that day were Killed in Action, except Lt. John McCormick. Included are John's interactions with Germans civilians and military after the crash.
  4. John McCormick, 398th Pilot - 602nd Squadron 1997 Reunion Presentation Transcription - open to read along while listening to the audio. The presentation has not yet been transcribed. If interested in transcribing see contact details at the beginning of 398th Timeless Voices Interviews Transcription Status.
  5. Lt. John McCormick was the pilot of his own 603rd Squadron crew.
  6. Special thanks to Lee Anne Bradley, 398th Group Historian for recovering the original 1997 audio cassette tape and converting it to a digital file and to Dave Jordan for partitioning, speed adjusting, and converting to a suitable web audio format.
  7. To play the audio above click on the play button. Additional information can be found on our Timeless Voices index page under Getting Connected.
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Lt. Fred Gonzales and Colleagues

Lt. John McCormick - circa 1944

John McCormick - 1980s