398th Short Snorters

The Short Snorter tradition began in the 1920s as aviators meeting up or traveling together would sign a currency. Tradition has it that "if you signed a short snorter and that person could not produce it upon request, they owed you a dollar or a drink (a "short snort")."

The tradition continued at Nuthampstead during the 398th's time there in 1944 and 1945. Two different explanations but two commons ones ensued from their time there. It is paper currency signed by a group of friends to commemorate and remember the bonds of friendship. Another is that it linked into an informal drinking club, where those without had to buy a round for the others. At which point the Short Snorter would be issued.

The Short Snorter Project page provides further information on the history of the Short Snorter.

398th Short Snorters

  1. Walt Boland's Short Snorters
  2. Ed Jordan's Short Snorter
  3. 27 September 1944 Short Snorter

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