398th Missions by Individuals and Crews

As follows are sample experimental lists for a few individuals and crews. Only a few have been created so far and in different ways as we seek a more efficient way to do these. More testing needs to take place before the listing is expanded.

Individual Missions Lists - Dates and Targets

Individual and Crew Missions Lists - Dates, Targets, Aircraft and Crew

  1. Boehme's Crew's Missions - downloadable pdf table of all missions for Boehme, Yip, Green, Knowles, and Rowland, along with partials for others from 27 June to 17 October 1944. Compiled by various members of the Boehme Crew.
  2. Jordan's Missions and Full Crew Listing - downloadable pdf table of all 28 Lt. E.C. Jordan combat missions from 9 May to 3 September 1944. Lt. Jordan flew with a variety of pilots and later had his own crew. Compiled by Dave Jordan. Prints best on legal size paper.
  3. Shady Lady Full Crew Listing - downloadable pdf table of B-17G 42-97385 X SHADY LADY missions with full crews. Compiled by Lee Anne Bradley. Prints best on legal size paper.
  4. Develop your Crew Mission Lists. See Topic Below.

Crew List for a few 398th Missions

  • 398th Crew Member List only the Doerr crew and a few of the Jordan crew. Test mode only. May not be added to.

Develop Your Own Crew Missions Lists

  1. 398th Crew Member Mission List: Method of Development (UNDER HEAVY CONSTRUCTION - Not ready for use).