398th Mission Names and Locations

A partial list of 398th mission target cities and locations has been constructed below to assist in the location of various locations, many now with different names and spellings than they were then.

The mission target city name commonly referred to the name of a city or nearby city encompassing or near the actual target. Actual targets were military targets such as marshalling yards, bridges, gun enplacements, etc.


  1. Reference Maps Used:
    1. United States Army in World War II, The European Theater of Operations, The Last Offensive, Office of the Chief of Military History, by Charles B. MacDonald, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washigton DC, 1973.
    2. Map 1 from back cover titled "Germany" produced by the National Geographic Society, 1971 (scale: 1 inch equals 15 miles).
  2. Don Parks, 398th member and nephew of John Bornstedt, 601st pilot constructed the table below for 21 target cities.
  3. Volunteers are needed to do continue this table for additional cities.
  4. 398th Combat Missions List


398th Mission Names and Locations
Mission Date 398th Website Spelling US Army WW II  Map  Spelling Cosmopolitan World Atlas Spelling 1992 Location and Comments
20 Feb 1945 Nurnburg Nürnberg Nürnberg In Bavaria, 93 miles NNW of Munich
21 Feb 1945 Nurnburg Nürnberg Nürnberg see above
22 Feb 1945 Stendal Stendal Stendal 65 miles west of Berlin
25 Feb 1945 Munich Munich Munich Bavaria
02 Mar 1945 Chemnitz Chemnitz Chemnitz 38 miles SW of Dresden
04 Mar 1945 Ulm Ulm Ulm 75 miles WNW of Munich
05 Mar 1945 Chemnitz Chemnitz Chemnitz see above
08 Mar 1945 Huls Hüls not found In the Ruhr 22 miles SW of Essen
09 Mar 1945 Kassel Kassel Kassel 74 miles south of Hanover
11 Mar 1945 Bremen Bremen Bremen 60 miles SW of Hamburg on Wesser River
12 Mar 1945 Dillenberg Dillenburg Dillenburg 46 miles NW of Frankfort
15 Mar 1945 Oranienburg Oranienburg Oranienburg 18 miles north of Berlin
21 Mar 1945 Rheine Rheine Rheine 60 miles NNE of Essen
22 Mar 1945 Dorsten Dorsten Dorsten 14 miles north of Essen
24 Mar 1945 Achmer Osnabrück Osnabrück 72 miles NE of Essen
28 Mar 1945 Berlin Berlin Berlin
30 Mar 1945 Bremen Bremen Bremen see above
05 Apr 1945 Grafenwohr not found not found 42 miles NE of Nuremberg in Bavaria
08 Apr 1945 Derben 63 miles west of Berlin
16 Apr 1945 Regensburg Regensburg Regensburg 65 miles NE of Munich
18 Apr 1945 Rosenheim Rosenheim Rosenheim 32 miles SE of Munich, near the Austrian border
25 Apr 1945 Pilsen Pilsen Plzen 93 miles south of Dresden, in Czechoslovakia