398th Bomb Group Missing Air Crew Report

MACR 07217

Wilson's Crew - 8 July 1944
  1. 398th Mission: 8 July 1944 to Humieres-Fresnoy, France
  2. Pilot: 2nd Lt. George F. Wilson, Jr.
  3. Group/Squadron: 398th/601st
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  6. Wilson's Crew - 601st Squadron - May 1944
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What Happened

  1. On the crew's third mission, the plane was brought down by a direct flak hit between the number one and two engines about 07:19 and about two minutes prior to bombs away.

Crew Situation

  1. A fragment hit the pilot, Lt. George F. Wilson, Jr. in the chest causing his death.
  2. The balance of the crew bailed out and all were captured save Sgt. Reginald C. Ferguson, Tail Gunner.
  3. Sgt. Ferguson was able to avoid capture and returned to the 398th.
  4. All other crew members were imprisoned as POW's on July 11, 1944.

We thank, Eddie Ebbert, a friend of the 398th, for providing the above MACR transcription and the Summary above.

MACR Transcription

If you have a special interest in this MACR, we would be most appreciative if you would consider working with us to create a transcription of all or part to be put on our 398th web site. A transcribed MACR eases the reading of the text for othersand also to allow the text to be found in search engines thus connecting people to what is sometimes their story. If interested please contact our 398th Volunteer Coordinator who will work with you to get started.