Research Sources for 398th History

In the past twenty or more years, the 398th Bomb Group Memorial Association has made determined efforts to search for, find, interview and otherwise obtain precious 398th combat history records from all possible sources. Our intent is to computerize all 398th history records found and so make it easily available for all serious 398th researchers. The following information gives the latest information on this effort.

  1. 398th Preservation Project in England at HALS (.pdf listing of contents of 398th material at HALS)
  2. Official WWII 8th AAF 398th BG Historical Data (CD not currently available in PX)
  3. CD - FLAK NEWS/Remembrances (CD not currently available in PX)
  4. CD - Jack's Books (CD is being redone)
  5. Book - Fortresses over Nuthampstead (available in 398th PX). Comphrehensive history of the 398th including numurous tables and photos.