Netherlands American Cemetery Burials

Below are our Killed In Action who are buried or listed on the Walls of the Missing at Netherlands American Cemetery,
Margraten, Netherlands.

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Honoring the 398th Men at Margraten by Sebastiaan Voskuil

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Burial List
(Alphabetical Order)
Name Rank SQ Date of Death Plot Row Grave Home State Comments MACR
Anderson, Vernon D. 2nd Lt 601st 26-Nov-44 H 16 6 Washington Navigator with the Rolfe Crew 11147
Bryan, William M. 2nd Lt 603rd 21-Nov-44 P 15 14 Ohio Co-Pilot with the Howell Crew 11210
Campbell, Robert G. 1st Lt. 601st 02-Nov-44 L 20 12 Oregon Pilot of his own Crew 10156
Hamilton, Marion B. S/Sgt. 600th 08-Apr-45 I 15 14 N. Carolina Radio Op with the Wells Crew 13914
Hastings, Kenneth S. 1st Lt. 603rd 21-Nov-44 F 8 26 Massachusetts Command Pilot with Buzza Crew 10412
Klein, Sherman S. S/Sgt. 600th 08-Apr-45 F 17 3 Maryland RCM (Radar Counter Measure) on the Wells Crew 13914
Perry, Anthony N. S/Sgt. 603rd 02-Nov-44 O 12 3 Ohio Ball Turret Gunner on the Newman Crew 10157
Schmidt, Arthur P. S/Sgt. 601st 26-Nov-44 H 16 5 Iowa Waist Gunner on the Rolfe Crew 11147
Bill Wickens
"Adoption" of T/Sgt. Bill Wickens' Grave
T/Sgt. 600th 08-Apr-45 O 22 15 Indiana Engineer / Top Turret Gunner on the Wells Crew.
(Normally Wickens flew with the Pettus Crew but was
assigned to the Wells Crew this day)

Wall of the Missing List
(Alphabetical Order)
Name Rank SQ Date of Death Home State Comments MACR
Buddes, Anthony G. T/Sgt. 603rd 15-Mar-45 Connecticut Radio Op with the A.R. Thomas Crew 13090
Engeman, Ernest 2nd Lt 603rd 04-Aug-44 Iowa Navigator with the MacArthur Crew.
(The German KU report attached to this MACR states
that Engeman was buried in Wusterhausen Cemetery in Gemany,
North Row 1, interment on 6 August 1944.)
Furrow, John E. Jr. S/Sgt. 603rd 01-Jan-45 Virginia Right Waist Gunner with the Pinner Crew 11581
Iaconis, Frank S/Sgt. 601st 26-Nov-44 New York Radio Op with the Rolfe Crew 11147
Kasch, Wallace E. S/Sgt. 600th 08-Apr-45 Indiana Tail Gunner with the Daily (CA) / Hahn Crew.
(Normally Kasch flew with the Pettus Crew but was assigned to
the Daily/Hahn Crew's lead ship this day)
Roby, George T. T/Sgt. 602nd 28-Oct-44 Indiana Engineer / Top Turret Gunner with the Connolly Crew 10175