398th Nuthampstead Monument

Nuthampstead, England

The 398th Nuthampstead Memorial dedicated September 21, 1982 sits beside the old 398th Airfield in front of the Woodman Inn. It is the direct result of Englishmen Malcolm Osborn and Vic Jenkins who had been researching the 398th Bomb Group in the 1970s. Their enthusiam got local people involved along with various 398th'ers who at that time were just in the beginnings of founding the 398th Bomb Group Memorial Association. As follows are photos and a history of the Nuthampstead Memorial.

  1. The 398th Nuthampstead Memorial Monument - June 2002
  2. Remembrance at Nuthhampstead Monument- June 2002
  3. Children at Nuthampstead Monument - June 2002
  4. Sally B Flyover at Nuthampstead - June 2002
  5. 398th Memorial Letter from President Reagan - 1982