398th B-17 Crashed and Damaged Aircraft Photos

Below is an index to some of our 398th B-17 Crashed and Damaged Aircraft. The index is ordered by Aircraft Number. Crash photos may at sites in the USA, on the way to England, within England, or on the European Continent. Recovery site photos will be included as they become available.

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398th B-17 Crashed and Damaged Aircraft Photos
(Ordered by A/C Number)
Aircraft Number Tail Letter Fuselage No. A/C Name Title Date Art Work Visible Comments
42-97249 P N8 How Was It Well Welty B-17 A/C Tail with Hole After Merseburg Mission 21 November 1944 This A/C had the most missions for any 398th Aircraft.
42-97374 X K8-X Madame X Zimmerman's Crash at the Nuthampstead Air Base 24 December 1944 Portions of fuselage in snow.
42-102536 C N8-C Here's Hopin Grinter's Crash the Day After at the Nuthampstead Air Base 25 December 1944 Photo shows remains the day after the crash.
42-102553 K N7-K LIL 8 BALL Newman's Crash of 42-102553 LIL 8 BALL at Nuthampstead 26 July 1944 This A/C hit a tractor on takeoff on 26 July 1944.
42-102570 F N7-F Vince Moore's Crash of 42-102570 at Nuthampstead 21 October 1944
43-37527 X N7-X The Prowler Sleaman's Crash at Kent 6 July 1944
43-38121 Q 3O-Q Q-Queenie Traeder's Crash at Paderborn 13 April 1945  
43-38172 P 3O-P Lovely Julie DeLancey's Crew's Crippled B-17 15 October 1944  
43-39085     Traeder's Crash at Bluie West 29 Dec 1944